Set-Top Box prototype customizable for every TV, VOD or other media content provider.
Powered by iTVBOSDK, TVBO demonstrates flexibility in customizing a rich set of features including:

EPG Browse and Search

Discover a variety of user actions for a selected show – Read detailed information, Add to Watchlist, Like, Rate and even Record to an external memory device.

My Channels

Too many useless channels? With this great function you have the possibility to rearrange or remove channels from the Channel Bar and other TV sections.

TV Recording

Add your favorite shows to the Watchlist to get a reminder for theirs beginning, or for later viewing.

TVBO Connect

Easy control your Set-Top Box with the mobile app TVBO connect.

More features

Real time and time-shift channel play

Track user activity

Local Weather

DLNA browse and play content

Box administration

Software updates

VOD browse, rate, search, play

Push notifications