Set-Top Box

TVBOSDK is a feature driven architected framework for building TV software on top of Android based Set-Top Box. Set-Top Box application is composed by a set of atomic software pieces called features.

The framework provides a rich set of generic features which can mutate depending on custom operator needs without having to refactor the remaining software. This software pattern adds flexibility an TVBOSDK application to be modified, customized even to combine with another.

It is critical demand for TV operator to provide its own branded user interface design. To meet this requirement TVBOSDK makes a strict separation of visible and invisible features. For instance a feature providing EPG data is an invisible feature, while that displaying EPG data is visible.

Several different customers are sharing the same invisible feature providing EPG, but each gets a custom EPG browser screen. Š¢hanks to TVBOSDK software development for Set-Top Box mainly focuses on the custom user interface design since the logic is already available behind.

Smart TV

WebTVBOSDK is a feature driven architected framework for building Web browser and Smart TV software for Samsung and LG Smart TV platforms. It shares the same software pattern of TVBOSDK targeting Android based Set-Top box but developed in pure JavaScript language.

The framework covers well the needs by a TV featured application but can be used with success in other domains.


Mobile application development is approached via Apache Cordova, libgdx or Wakanda depending on the specific software requirements aiming portability between the various mobile platforms.

When the specific software needs require native development we do most on Android or Windows Phone Mobile.